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6 Web Design Trends to Look out for in 2015

2015 web design trends

Here are the top 6 web design trends you should be thinking about for 2015.

1) Flat UI (User Interface)

    Gradients have gone the way of gif text, visitor counters, and flash videos. This shift to simple, clean, and clear graphics has taken off, and personally, I love it! As a minimalist, I enjoy the white space and clarity you see with these flat UI sites and I look forward to designing more of them. 


2) Telling a Story

    A site where all your content is fragmented and on multiple pages is slowly fading out to make way for story telling. Using scrolling, imagery, and icons, telling your customers a compelling story about your company, a compelling story of why potential customers need you, is the way to go in 2015.


3) Bigger Images

    Big images, and beautiful photography are taking center stage in 2015. And with a "picture worth a thousand words" you'd better find your business a really great professional photographer who can do your products or services justice.


4) Scrolling Over Clicking

    One-page sites, parallax sites, and right scroll sites are fast becoming the norm when talking about a customer's online experience, not to mention the spike in mobile users viewing your site online. It's become common practice to think about how a user can easily scroll through your company's information rather than clicking through. Also with the introduction of a story telling to talk about your company, it's hard to avoid using this new trend. 


5) Designing for Mobile First with Responsive

    Not only is it mobile first, but it's responsive mobile first. With more and more web traffic coming from mobile devices (with 2015 potentially hitting the mile stone, more mobile users than desktop users), you must be thinking of your customers looking through a mobile phone, or tablet, rather than a desktop. 


6) Better Typography

    TypeKit,, and more are making it easier to use fun, unique fonts for even the smallest of sites. No more do you have to create png images of crazy fonts you want to use or limit your site to "web safe" fonts. Now all you have to do is pay a fee, place a bit of code and you have access to thousands of amazing fonts.