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Choosing a Color Scheme

how do I choose a color scheme

Whether you have a color in mind, have color in your logo, or don't have any idea, the color scheme of your website is very important. You could think of the colors as the clothes your website is wearing. You want your site to look its best, so it can make a great first impression. If you have color in your logo you should start arranging your color scheme around you logo. Pick one main color to work with, if you've got a color in mind or no idea, visit  The Kuler Wheel or  Paletton and explore each site's color wheel by putting in your main color. If you are still unsure of what colors you like you should also look through the color palettes on Design Seeds

Using a color palette you made from Kuler Wheel or Paletton or one you chose from Design Seeds, you next need to determine what colors you are going to use for links, buttons, headers, sub-headers, text, navigation, etc. You should keep the number of colors to a minimum, 3 or 4 colors at most. Below are three color schemes I've used to make mock home pages for the fake company "The Grove". Each mock is based on a palette from Kuler Wheel, Paletton, and Design Seeds (palette called "color weave") 

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Mockup home page made based on Kuler Wheel's palette.


Mockup home page made based on Paletton's palette.

Mockup home page made based on Design Seeds's palette.