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Creating a Simple Style Guide aka Brand Bible

What is a Style Guide?
Simply put a style guide is a way to keep consistency within your business/company/organization. It includes information about your business's audience, logo, colors, fonts, copy language, and more.

Why have a Style Guide?
Consistency. Customers are confident in a business who's brand is consistent. More over a style guide will help save money and time. Having pre-determined guidelines for fonts, colors, copy language and target audience will shorten the list of things you or your employees need to think about when generating marketing materials, social media content, and website content.

Sections to include in your small business Style Guide
Overview of business
-Name of business
-Mission statement
-Target audience
-Brand values/personality (professional/contemporary)

Logo Variations
-All acceptable logo variations (color and black & white, company name next to, above or below symbol/icon/mark)
-When and where each variation goes (black & white for newspaper, one color for social media, etc.)
-Minimum size logo can be, correct proportions, proper white space allowed around logo

Color Palette
-Shape and pantone color (you may want to include HEX, and CMYK colors)
-What colors are acceptable on a white/light background, and what colors are acceptable on a black/dark background

Typography (Fonts)
-All approved fonts, and when each should be used (Header, sub-header, caption, content, important call outs)
-You may want to included approved sizes, and text decoration (bold, italic, etc.)

-Examples of how photography will be displayed
-Example of what illustrations will look like

Tone of voice
-Example of copy that reflects the tone of voice for all content
-You may want to include three descriptors of the tone you wish to convey (ex. Artistic, Educational, Conversational)

Don't worry about including everything right away. You can always (and should) add to you business's style guide. It's important to remember that your style guide will change as your business grows and changes.