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How to create a Facebook page for your business

Facebook for my business

How-To Make a Facebook Page
The first thing you'll need to do is create a personal Facebook page (if you already have one then you can move on to the next paragraph). You must have a personal account in order to create a business page because the business page will need someone managing it. I suggest that the owner of the business be the page's creator because you can add contributors at anytime. I recommend this because the creator has complete control over content, posts, images, and comments, as well as adding and deleting contributors.

Once you've made your personal page, you can now create your business page. Click on the down facing arrow in the top right corner of the page and choose "Create Page".


This brings you to the first step in creating a page for your business. You will be presented with 6 options from which to choose.

Each option represents a different type of page you can create. As a business you can immediately eliminate "Brand or Product", "Artist, Bandor Public Figure", "Entertainment", and "Cause or Community" because your business is none of these options. You're business (along with community centers, police stations, libraries, local restaurants, etc.) will either be a "Local Business or Place" or a "Company, Organization, or Institution". Facebook doesn't tell you the differences between the two. Here's how I like to break it down; Apple Inc. would choose "Company, Organization, or Institution" because most people are not showing up Apple Headquarters in Texas to buy their Notebook Air. Apple Inc., however, wants a Facebook page where they can post press releases, and news about their new products, a decription of Apple's mission statement, and show any awards they may have won, thus they choose "Company, Organization, or Institution". But, my local Apple Store, located in the Providence Place Mall, would choose "Local Business or Place" and maybe call the page "Apple Store, Providence RI". With a "Local Business or Place" the Providence Apple Store can post new hires, when they are receiving new products, post hours of operation, street address, if there is parking, allow people to "check-in", or leave reviews of the store. 

If you are a business, or organization with multiple locations or changing locations, you should choose a "Company, Organization, or Institution" page, but if you are a physical location store, where people can come to purchase your products or services, you should choose a "Local Business or Place" page. Once you've selected the page type that fits your business best you will be prompted to fill out some basic businesses information.

Next you will need to fill out some more in-depth information.

(For a "Local Business or Place" Page)


(For a "Company, Organization, or Institution" Page)

After that you are free to begin posting, adding photos, adding hours of operation, adding others to help manage the page and more.