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Website: 5 Signs You're Still Doing it Wrong

Website Tips

5. What is this annoying sound?
If you're not a music label or a musician, then music should not automatically start playing when your page opens. When I visit your site while at work, automatic music will disrupt my co-workers, and I will quickly hit the back button. If you feel you must have some audio playing (which I strongly suggest you re-think) then make the pause/stop button easy to find.

4. You're website is too big for my screen's britches.
When building a website, there are screen size standards for a reason; 1366 pixels* being the largest and most used size today (for a desktop website). If you didn't design your site with a scroll right feature, no one should have to scroll right, ever. *

3. You want me to what?
Forcing your customers to register before they can see your products/services is a newer trend that, thankfully, is quickly losing steam. This trend generally applies to online shopping sites that have daily or weekly sales. The problem most people have with this type of sales model is that it does not allow for freedom of search. Many times places like this force you to make a certain number of purchases a week, and will send an unending stream of annoying email blasts.

2. When was the last time you re-designed your website?
Having a website puts you a step above the rest. It means you at least understand that your customers are looking for you online, but if you haven't updated or re-designed your site since it was created, you're doing more harm than good. This tells me you don't care if your website's information is up to date, and you don't care whether you get my business or not. The least you should be doing is re-designing your site every 5 years. Trends, technology, and your content will change, that means your site should too.

1. Cool Idea ≠ Good Idea
Just because it's a cool idea, doesn't mean it's a good idea. Do not forgo functionality for style or trendiness. If I have to spend time learning how to use your site, you better believe I'm moving on. In other words, just because your site "looks cool" doesn't mean it functions well. User experience will play a role in how successful your site is.