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Websites: 5 More Signs You're Doing it Wrong

Website Tips

5. You're still using flash?
Flash does not work on smart phones. And, yes, your customers are looking for you on their phone. Don't kid yourself. If you're not thinking about your site on mobile devices, you're missing out. 85%** of all smart phone owners search for local businesses on their smart phone. Get rid of flash, HTML 5 and JQuery can make anything move.

4. Search Engines can't read your text images.
Search engines scan your content (i.e. the text on your pages) to rank and archive your site. When you use images in place of actual text, you're telling the search engine your site has no content, therefore you will not show up in the search results. But you want fancy fonts? Well, sites like TypeKit house hundreds of fonts for your use (you do have to pay for their services) but keep in mind, readability is everything on the web, and too many font styles on one page looks cheap and unprofessional.

3. MMN (Mystery Meat Navigation)
Navigation is how your customers get around on your site. You may think your navigation is snazzy, unique, clever, or makes-you-stand-out, we think your navigation is confusing, irritating, and makes no sense. Keep it logical, keep it simple, and most important, make sure it's understandable. Your customers will be happier for it.

2. Stop opening so many windows.
If I click on your "About Us" link don't have that open in a new window. Along the same lines, if a link is on your page, that links to somewhere else in your site, do not have that open in a new window. Equally so, if a link goes to a page outside your site, then having that open in a new window is okay, you want people to stay on your page as long as possible.

1. Your site isn't mobile?
It's 2014, if you're not mobile you're missing out. Just take a quick look around, I'll bet the majority of people you're looking at are on their smartphone. Here are a few stats to keep in mind.
78%* of smart phone owners don't leave the house without their device.
85%* of smart phone users look for local businesses on their phone, 60%* of those searches are for product info.
81%* of searchers take action as a result of their search; 59%* of those visit the business, and 32%* make a purchase. Now, tell me again why your business doesn't have a mobile site?