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2015 web design trends

Here are the top 6 web design trends you should be thinking about for 2015.

1) Flat UI (User Interface)

    Gradients have gone the way of gif text, visitor counters, and flash videos. This shift to simple, clean, and clear graphics has taken off, and personally, I love it! As a minimalist, I enjoy the white space and clarity you see with these flat UI sites and I look forward to designing more of them. 


2) Telling a Story

Website Tips

5. What is this annoying sound?
If you're not a music label or a musician, then music should not automatically start playing when your page opens. When I visit your site while at work, automatic music will disrupt my co-workers, and I will quickly hit the back button. If you feel you must have some audio playing (which I strongly suggest you re-think) then make the pause/stop button easy to find.

Website Tips

5. You're still using flash?
Flash does not work on smart phones. And, yes, your customers are looking for you on their phone. Don't kid yourself. If you're not thinking about your site on mobile devices, you're missing out. 85%** of all smart phone owners search for local businesses on their smart phone. Get rid of flash, HTML 5 and JQuery can make anything move.

Website Tips

5. What do you do?
It should be immediately obvious what your company does. If your name, tag line, or logo do not give it away, then the next thing your customers see should tell them (via words or images). Sliders, image grids, and text blocks can help convey what it is your company does, but make sure somewhere on your home page it says what you do. If I cannot figure out what you do, I'm not going to stay and hunt around, I'm going to hit that back button and wonder if you even know what you do.